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We are unique for a strong focus on prevention, organic nutrition, new gentle cures and emotional support for kids battling cancer.  What we do today may help future generations live without the fear of cancer.

You can help us Conquer Cancer in This Generation!

Children Against Cancer was founded by a mother and son who feel great compassion for girls and boys who are diagnosed with cancer, the world’s most dreaded disease.

We are a unique, grassroots, all-volunteer 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Mission Society founded in 2001 in Phoenix, Arizona USA with a strong belief that most cancers are largely preventable and should be eradicated in this generation.

Cancer was rare 100 years ago in adults and unheard of in children. It’s time to advance research that will finally overcome the broken system and barriers that appear to keep cancer from being prevented and cured. 


“Childhood cancers have reached epidemic proportions in recent years, and are now the leading cause of death by disease in children,” says Samuel Epstein, M.D., internationally respected cancer authority.


  • A child is diagnosed with cancer every 38 minutes
  • A child dies of cancer every 3 hours, 11 minutes and 40 seconds
  • The cancer has already spread in 80% of children by the time their symptoms are diagnosed
  • Since 1990, only three new drugs have been developed to treat pediatric cancer patients, and less than 3% of the U.S. National Cancer Institute’s funding is directed toward pediatric cancer research

Although some progress has been made in recent years, it is unacceptable that 95% of childhood cancer survivors face a two-edged sword for the rest of their lives with ongoing chronic or life-threatening health problems caused by toxic conventional treatments. 

We stand at a crossroads where one direction leads to more of the same harsh treatments, or another path leading forward to exciting new gentle, nontoxic therapies that strengthen the body’s own natural immune system to neutralize and destroy cancer cells without damaging healthy cells.

More research is needed in the hope that childhood cancers may someday soon be conquered. We want every girl and boy to have the chance to grow up to live the happy, healthy, productive lives that they deserve. Your gifts help advance knowledge of what is causing cancer in children, and how to better, more effectively prevent it and treat it without causing harm from toxic side effects.


Because Children Against Cancer does not accept funds from federal sources, pharmaceutical companies, or businesses that contribute to, or benefit from, the cancer epidemic, you are assured that the research and information we provide is not tainted by their biased agendas. We are a small nonprofit by choice, but we’re proud of making a significant difference in the lives of many thousands of children and their families.

Please donate today and make a significant difference in the lives of very sick kids!



Children Against Cancer is known for visiting Phoenix Children’s Hospital and other cancer treatment centers every month since 2001 with gifts of new, huggable Hope Teddy Bears.

Our teddy bears do wonders to comfort and encourage very sick girls and boys who struggle with every breath they take, just to survive another day. 

And these kids are scared! 

They may smile for the camera but deep down, they don’t quite understand what is happening or why they are hospitalized for several months. Many pediatric cancer patients suffer through two or three years of brutal chemo or radiation treatments or surgeries. They need love and a friendly, soft teddy bear to cuddle during painful therapies and for dark lonely nights as they face an uncertain future.

Please show your compassion for girls and boys battling cancer by sponsoring a Hope Teddy Bear and to advance research knowledge for new promising, gentle cures. 

Your gifts are tax-deductible and a receipt will be provided for your tax purposes.

Help us Conquer Cancer in This Generation!

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