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Children Against Cancer is dedicated to Conquer Cancer in This Generation, because we believe it shouldn’t hurt to be a child. We want every girl and boy to enjoy a healthy, carefree childhood and a promising future. 

We advance hope by reporting new research to discover . . . 

•    What causes cancer in children

•    Critical prevention strategies

•    The benefits of organic nutrition and a lifestyle in harmony with Nature for optimal health

•    Promising methods to naturally strengthen the immune system to keep cancer cells dormant

•    Emotional support for kids battling cancer

Children Against Cancer was founded in 2001 in Arizona, U.S.A. by a mother and son who feel great compassion for babies, kids and teens stricken by cancer, and their ongoing health challenges as survivors. We are a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Mission Society staffed entirely by volunteers, so you’ll feel good knowing that 100% of the proceeds of your donations go directly to our programs to help Conquer Cancer in This Generation.

Cancer was rare in adults 100 years ago and unheard of in children. Now, it’s the leading cause of death by disease in children of all ages. The International Agency for Research on Cancer estimates there will be more than 13 million new cases of childhood cancer globally between 2021 and 2050 and that 11 million children will die. (Lancet Oncology, 2021 April) This is a human tragedy!

We’re excited about discovering new promising gentle cures for children. Our website is an information-rich guide, designed to empower you to make healthier choices in your daily life for yourself and your family, for healthy nutrition and a toxin-free lifestyle to lower risks. What we do today, may make a significant difference in finally eradicating cancer in this generation.


“For 23 years, we’ve led as the first and only childhood cancer nonprofit to advance and report research on the concept that enhancing your body’s immune system is the best hope for new gentle, yet effective therapies. We’ve made significant progress toward a world without cancer years before mainstream medicine finally considered the idea of Immunology to be of any importance. 

We stand at a crossroads where one path leads in the same direction, and another path leads forward to exciting new therapies to stimulate the body’s immune system to neutralize and destroy cancer cells without causing harm to the child,” says Caroline Cooper Olson, founder of Children Against Cancer.



Although some progress by mainstream medicine has been made in recent years, it is unacceptable that 95% of childhood cancer survivors face a two-edged sword for the rest of their lives with ongoing chronic or life-threatening health problems caused by toxic conventional treatments. 

More research is needed in the hope that childhood cancers may someday soon be conquered. We want every girl and boy to have the chance to grow up to live the happy, healthy, productive lives that they deserve. Your gifts help advance knowledge of what  causes cancer in children, and how to better, more effectively prevent it and treat it without causing harm from toxic side effects.



Thanks to generous donations from caring people like you, we visit local children’s hospitals every month for 23 years with gifts of new, soft Hope Teddy Bears to provide comfort, courage and love to thousands of extremely sick children. These kids are sad and frightened and don’t understand why they have to spend long months in the hospital. They struggle with every breath, just to survive another day of painful cancer treatments. The teddy bears you sponsor make a difference by giving hope for healing and something soft and comforting to cuddle, day or night.

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Children Against Cancer is dedicated to Conquer Cancer in This Generation

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