“Hope is not enough.  We must do more, much more.”

Cancer in children was unheard of 100 years ago. Now, it’s the leading cause of death by disease for children of all ages, especially in babies. It’s a human tragedy that must be stopped.

What causes cancer in children is not completely understood, making prevention strategies difficult. Millions of dollars have been raised every year for decades to create “novel, innovative” drugs with the hope of curing cancer, but without success. Why? It’s curious that in 1995, a major drug company quietly changed their business plan to become ….

“The first pharmaceutical company that approaches cancer, not as a disease to be cured, but as a chronic disease to be managed or controlled.  The direction of cancer research changed within the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, and many drug companies followed their lead.”

~ Funding Universe

Incredibly, less than 4% of U.S. government funds are directed toward pediatric cancer research and only 3% toward prevention. Just 4 new drugs have been developed since 1980 specifically for children battling cancer, while the FDA has approved more than 190 new drugs for adult cancers. 

This means that most children have been treated with outdated drugs for decades that cause horrific side effects. Parents say they feel helpless watching their child suffer. Moms and Dads cry and plead for a change in the way their children are treated for cancer because the standard chemo drugs are just too toxic for their small, fragile bodies.

Research is key. We advance new knowledge to better understand environmental, genetic, and lifestyle causes of this disease in children and for better therapies with the hope that cancer will be eradicated in the near future.


Because there is some confusion over the origin of cancer, some experts believe that it is difficult to formulate a strategy to treat and cure the disease.

Ongoing research since 1914 has focused on the theory that cancer is a genetic disease caused by damage to a cell’s nuclear DNA that transforms it into a potentially lethal cell.

Recently, massive genome-based research projects hope to identify all the gene defects and mutations discovered in various tumors to create customized or “personalized” drugs or vaccines to treat each individual patient. But so far, the research for mutations that causes cancer have been elusive, and the genetic profile is different from person to person, and also different from cell to cell within the same tumor. This makes targeting mutations nearly impossible.

Other scientists view cancer as a metabolic disease, meaning it is not contagious, can’t disappear on its own, can’t be cured by surgery or drugs. It’s interesting that some metabolic diseases are treated successfully by simple nutritional changes…

Scurvy is cured by adding Vitamin C


Pernicious anemia is treated with Vitamin B-12

Rickets is helped with Vitamin D 

Diabetes is often reversed with more plant food

THE GOOD NEWS is that if cancer is established as a metabolic disease, then genetic mutations must be a downstream effect, rather than the cause of cancer, as reported by recent advanced studies. This means it should be possible to challenge cancer by making certain changes in the patient’s nutrition to strengthen the body’s natural immune system.

It is exciting that many independent research studies have discovered the power of natural remedies against disease. The actual solution to treating cancer appears to possibly be linked to nutritional deficiencies. Many physicians are recommending powerful nutrients found in abundance in vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, herbs and antioxidants that work together, synergistically, to detox cancer-causing agents, de-activate free radicals and enable DNA repair.

High Doses of Vitamin C by Infusion

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that, when administered into a vein as an IV, unleashes your body’s innate ability to seek out and destroy cancer cells without harming healthy cells or causing toxic side effects.  The U.S. National Cancer Institute admits that Vitamin C by IV in high doses is “effective” against cancer.


What is it?  Immunotherapy is based on the knowledge that your body’s immune system has a natural ability to protect and heal itself.  Your immune system is made up of a vast network of cells, organs and tissues that work together as a team to combat disease or potential damage, and to preserve the health and integrity of the body.

Immunotherapy boosts your immune system’s innate ability to fight cancer by reprogramming or stimulating your body’s natural “killer cells” to attack and destroy cancer cells.


Children are our future and should have the chance to grow up and live the happy, healthy, productive lives that they deserve.  They depend on us as adults to help them.

Please help us brighten the future of these brave young warriors.  Your generous donations go far to power and accelerate promising research.  What we do now to invest in their health will make a difference to come.

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