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“Hope is not enough.  We must do more, much more.”

Childhood cancer was unheard of a century ago. Now, it’s the leading cause of death by disease for girls and boys of all ages, including babies. This is a health outrage!

Research is key to stopping cancer before it begins. We advance new knowledge to understand environmental, genetic, and lifestyle causes of cancer in kids and teens, how to reduce risks, and new therapies that hopefully will lead to eradicating cancer altogether.

The official “War Against Cancer” began in 1971 when President Richard Nixon signed the National Cancer Act into law. Yet, despite two trillion dollars directed toward research, the incidence of cancer has escalated at an alarming rate. The most troubling is the increased cancers in children.  No child should die in the dawn of life.

Millions of dollars are raised every year for “novel, innovative” drugs with the hope of curing cancer, but without success. Why? In 1995, a major drug company quietly changed their business plan to become….

Only three new drugs have been approved for pediatric cancer patients in the past 20 years, while hundreds of new drugs have been marketed for adult cancers. This means that most children have been given the same outdated drug treatments for decades. It’s not about conventional researchers finding a cure; only controlling it like a chronic disease, such as diabetes. Many parents say it’s time for a change in the way cancer treatments are approached.

What is new in cancer research? We’ll explain current studies as simply as possible, including conventional and alternative research.

“The first pharmaceutical company that approaches cancer, not as a disease to be cured, but as a chronic disease to be managed or controlled.  The direction of cancer research changed within the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, and many drug companies followed their lead.”

~ Funding Universe


“Because there is confusion over the origin of cancer, it is difficult to formulate a strategy to treat and cure the disease,” claim some experts.

  • Ongoing research since 1914 has focused on the theory that cancer is a genetic disease caused by damage to a cell’s nuclear DNA that transforms it into a potentially lethal cell.

Recently, massive genome-based research projects hope to identify all the gene defects and mutations discovered in various tumors, to create customized or “personalized” drugs or vaccines to treat each individual patient. This would be a drug company’s dream! But so far, the research for mutations that cause cancer have remained elusive, and the genetic profile is different from person to person, and also different from cell to cell within the same tumor. This makes targeting mutations next-to-impossible.

  • Other scientists view cancer as a metabolic disease.

A metabolic disease is not contagious, can’t disappear on its own, can’t be cured by surgery or drugs. What we do know is that some metabolic diseases can be successfully treated by nutritional changes, including:

High Doses of Vitamin C by Infusion

Pernicious anemia




If cancer is established as a metabolic disease, then genetic mutations must be a downstream effect rather than the cause.  This means it should be possible to cure cancer without painful surgery, toxic chemo drugs or burning radiation treatments.

It opens up profound changes in treatment options, the first being a change in the patient’s diet to starve cancer cells of the glucose energy that they need to thrive and grow. (Sugar, also known as glucose, feeds cancer cells.)

It is exciting that many independent research studies have discovered the power of natural remedies against cancer, and that the actual solution appears to be linked to a nutritional deficiency.

Cured by adding Vitamin B-12

A result of Vitamin D deficiency

A disease often reverse by more plant foods

Caused by a deficiency of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that, when administered into a vein as an IV, unleashes your body’s innate ability to seek out and destroy cancer cells without harming healthy cells or causing toxic side effects.  The U.S. National Cancer Institute admits that Vitamin C by IV in high doses is “effective” against cancer.

Herbal Remedies

The anti-cancer properties of plants have been recognized for centuries. The United States National Cancer Institute has screened about 35,000 plant species for potential cancer cures. Amongst them, approximately 3,000 plant species have demonstrated promising results. ~ U.S. National Library of Medicine

A time-honored combination of specific herbs used for centuries by the Ojibwa People, a Native American tribe - when blended and brewed together as a tea - are known to work together, synergistically, to support the immune system, gently detox your body, seek out and destroy free radicals and rogue cells, shrink tumors until they gradually disappear, and restore your body to balance. Thousands have benefitted from this therapy commonly known as Essiac, including Dr. Charles Brusch, personal physician to President John Kennedy.


For thousands of years, cancer was unknown to our 

ancestors who ate whole foods that contain amygdalin, a naturally occurring compound found in more than 1,500 foods including berries, fruit, seeds, nuts, ancient grains like millet, and beans. The richest source is in the kernels found inside the hard pits of apricots (that look and taste a lot like almonds), and the kernels also in peaches, cherries, plums, and as apple seeds. These are safe to eat when organic and found to support your immune system and to keep rogue cells dormant.

Research has taken a new direction in recent years and includes the study of plants and foods that show promise for alternative treatments. Other research focuses on new conventional treatments.


What is it?  Immunotherapy is based on the knowledge that your body’s immune system has a natural ability to protect and heal itself.  Your immune system is made up of a vast network of cells, organs and tissues that work together as a team to combat disease or potential damage, and to preserve the health and integrity of the body.

Immunotherapy boosts your immune system’s innate ability to fight cancer by reprogramming or stimulating your body’s natural “killer cells” to attack and destroy cancer cells.


  • Vaccines or powerful drugs made in the laboratory that can be patented and used to target tumors
  • Combining gentle natural therapies that work together, synergistically, to strengthen your body’s powerful immune system defenses against disease the way nature intends.

In the laboratory

Natural therapies

Researchers are studying how to make vaccines to target core mutations in a cancer patient. They draw blood from the patient, identify which cells can fight the core mutations by multiplying TR-cells through cellular engineering in the lab, then inject them back into the patient, hoping they seek out and destroy cancer cells. But researchers admit “this does not mean patients will be cured because of the limitations of this new technology.”  It takes considerable time to create a customized vaccine for each patient and the cost is extremely expensive, yet human clinical trials are expected to begin within a few years.

More physicians and researchers are beginning to realize that cancer is not likely to be a genetic disease as much as it is a metabolic disease. Many recommend a return to the original Garden of Eden diet for powerful nutrients found in plant-based fruits and vegetables and herbs which play a major role in strengthening the human immune system.

In recent years, scientists have discovered more than 12,000 micronutrients called phyto-chemicals in natural unprocessed plant foods. These nutrients work together to detox cancer-causing agents, de-activate free radicals and enable DNA repair. These natural foods and nutrients play a major role in strengthening the immune system.


The promise of Advanced Genomic Testing is to help researchers identify mutations in a cancer cell’s genetic profile.

A biopsy is taken of a tumor, cancer cells are isolated and extracted from the biopsy specimen, then their DNA is sequenced in the laboratory. The research uses highly sophisticated equipment to scan the sequenced genetic profile for abnormalities that show how the tumor functions.  

If they match known mutations that have responded well to particular drug therapies, the oncologist may be able to use the lab results to order treatments that have been successful with the same mutation.

Unfortunately, this treatment is not a cure and is not available to all patients. Precision cancer therapies is an evolving science and there is still much to learn. Not all mutations can be matched with known treatment options.


Leading federal agencies fund less than 4% for pediatric cancer research. Only 2% is directed toward prevention. Drastic  reductions in government funding continue to impact research for critically ill children battling the world’s deadliest disease. But cancer is ruthless – it won’t wait for the economy to improve.

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